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Welcome to the Accessible Tech Group (ATG), where you will find information on adaptive devices designed to make life a little easier and a whole lot more accessible. Read on to discover helpful information about the latest gadgets and their accessible features. ATG has tried to cover it all; everything from cell phones, tablets, computer accessories, to talking watches and GPS navigation devices.  Learn about the basic functionality of these devices and why they may be useful in your daily life.


But that’s not all; another great feature of ATG is our chat room, where anyone can join in to talk and share valuable information.  Post your comments and discuss tips and tricks regarding many various adaptive devices.  Having a problem?  Post it to our site where you can benefit from the expertise of others.  Have a solution?  Share your comments and advice through ATG.


Remember – communication is the name of the game.


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments


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